About Us

About EximPulse

At Archer and Baker Tech Solutions, we’re dedicated to helping our clients prosper in an ever-changing world. We provide tailored research and analytics solutions to keep them ahead of the curve. With our deep understanding of global trends, we’re able to provide the insight and analysis our clients need to succeed. Our goal is to help organizations make better, faster decisions in order to grow, become more profitable, and stay competitive. We provide our clients with the insights and solutions they need to get ahead of their competition. This way, our clients can take advantage of opportunities before their competition does.

Archer and Baker Tech Solutions enables you to obtain the precise marketing data you require whenever you need it. We assist you in making data-driven decisions that will expand your company.

At Archer and Baker Tech Solutions, we provide high quality data collection services that are easy to use and reliable. Our passion is to create a platform that is easy to use and provides accurate results. We’re a trusted global partner for digital report collection. Our innovative technology and sampling methodologies allow us to understand consumer opinions and behaviours. We specialize in online market research and have our own executives who work on projects in different countries. We also partner with local panel providers to customize solutions for you. We make sure that the right respondent is available for each project. We provide high quality results at a lower cost and in a shorter amount of time than our competitors. Our methods and panels are built on sophisticated technology, and we always communicate honestly and respectfully with our panellists to deliver high quality results. 

Our Value

We pride ourselves on our values-based approach to business. Our core values are simple: we work to serve our customers well. This is the foundation of our ambition to become a leading provider of export import data services. We aim to be trusted, respected, and valued by our customers, shareholders, and communities. Our values are integral to everything we do.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest level of integrity with our customers, suppliers and employees.